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Jon Francis is an entrepreneur and co-owner of Clad Home, a bespoke custom furniture and design firm founded with his wife and based in LA.

A Fireside Chat

I had the opportunity to have an amazing conversation with Jon Francis at Clad Home today. From talking about SEO for eCommerce sites, Jon agreed to a quick interview.

He took the time to talk to me and answer some questions so I could get to know him better and hear more about the things that have helped shape his business success to date – let’s get stuck into it!

What Is The Book (Or Books) You’ve Given Most As A Gift, And Why?

Let My People Go Surfing: the education of a reluctant businessman by Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia.

What Purchase Of $100 Or Less Has Most Positively Impacted Your Life In The Last Six Months?

Cell phone bill.

When You Feel Overwhelmed Or Unfocused, Or Have Lost Your Focus Temporarily, What Do You Do?

Get off the computer, get outdoors, and get exercise.

What Are Bad Recommendations You Hear In Your Profession Or Area Of Expertise?

Any recommendation that is spontaneous or not well thought out.

In The Last Five Years, What New Belief, Behavior, Or Habit Has Most Improved Your Life?

Staying as balanced as possible really helps me. I try to keep level-headed and open-minded.

What Is One Of The Best Or Most Worthwhile Investments You’ve Ever Made?

Real Estate and health.



If You Could Have A Gigantic Billboard Anywhere With Anything On It — What Would It Say And Why?

Be patient. Think be for you act or react. Set goals. Chase your dreams. Baby steps though, it’s a marathon not a race.

How Has A Failure, Or Apparent Failure, Set You Up For Later Success?

I failed many times first so I never thought it would be easy!

What Advice Would You Give To A Smart, Driven College Student About To Enter The “Real World”? What Advice Should They Ignore?

If you want something go and get it, don’t just talk about it. It’s right in front of your face to achieve. If you want recognition; do the work, people will notice. 

Listen to everyone’s opinions before you make your own judgement. Ignore any advice you don’t trust.

Tell Us About Your Business. What Does It Do And What Value Do You Add?

We are a custom furniture and design firm. We design and manufacture custom furniture made in LA.

What Careers Advice Would You Give To Your 21-Year Old Self?

Start young. Have a vision.

Tell Us About Someone You Admire And Why You Admire Them?

My wife Rosa Beltran, the founder and visionary of Clad Home.

What Profession Other Than Your Own Would You Like To Attempt?


What Is A 'Hack' You Have For Success That Most People Don't Know About?

Kill ’em with kindness.

Where Do You See Your Industry In The Next 5 Years?

Growth. Every home needs furniture and now more then ever since the pandemic it seems people are more ambitious to upgrade their homes.

What Is The Most Surprising Thing You've Seen In Your Industry?

Blowing opportunities!

What Is A Useful Skill Someone Could Learn In One Minute?


How Has Covid-19 Changed Your Company?

Be prepared for anything.

How Has Covid-19 Changed Your Industry?

People being stuck at home has actually benefited the home decor market.

What Did You Have For Breakfast This Morning?


What's Your Favourite Holiday Destination?


What One Thing In Life Do You Consider To Be Overrated?


What Are You NOT Very Good At?

NOT procrastinating.

What's Your Star Sign?


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